Get paid to send emails!

We’ve all heard about getting paid to read emails, but have you heard of getting paid to send emails?

We’ll send you $1 for each email published on FRESHfromInbox. We’re not joking about this.

Terms and Conditions

  1. You may have read above. The email content you sent must be published on this site in order to receive payment.
  2. Money will be sent via Paypal. Let us know your paypal email in the email you forwarded. We’ll skip posting that part. (And, we send within 1 day after posting your content.)
  3. Subscribe to our updates via email. If not, how are you going to know we updated?

Privacy Policy

We will not sell, trade or rent your personal information (includes but not limited to your name and email address) to anyone.

Did we miss out anything?

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